We are Sterling Bio Machines, a startup developing a novel bioreactor system that will revolutionize how biomanufacturing processes operate and scale. 

“As much as 60 percent of the physical inputs to the global economy could, in principle, be produced biologically…”

Chui, M., Evers, M., Manyika, J., Zheng, A., & Nisbet, T.

McKinsey, 2020

Sterling Bio Machines

Our system combines hardware and software to reduce the costs of production, improve resource efficiency, and shorten the time to reach commercial production for biomanufacturing products.

We anticipate that our designs will also enable the use of new cell cultures that are incompatible with existing bioreactors.

About Us

Sterling Bio Machines is led by a dynamic duo, Akshaya & Steve. Akshaya, our CTO, is a pioneer in multi-material 3D printing and bioreactor development, with patent applications in surgical robots and dialysis machines. Steve, our CEO, is an experienced entrepreneur who founded Interfolio, a company that positively impacted the success of over 500 global institutions and millions of scholars.

Together, their diverse expertise in engineering, biotech, enterprise software, and scaling companies makes them the perfect team to drive our mission of revolutionizing the bioeconomy for a healthier, more sustainable world.

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